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  I am a 200% music fan! I’ve got almost every collection of Eric Clapton, a  very popular American guitarist and whenever I want to escape from my laborious  homework, all that I do is just use my walkman to enjoy Eric’s beautiful lyrics!  I will have a blast! And, According to my mom’s memory, I have been enjoying  singing in the public ever since I was a kindergarten boy! Then, I started my  own rock band and made several records of my songs and used them as gifts to my  friends in my high-school graduation

  ceremony. And now I still love singing songs but only to myself but to my  beloved girl as well. I am nuts about music! (119)

  2.政治/ 一次XX的经历

  I may go into politics, just like Bill Clinton. I used to run for student  body president of my university. Because if I want to become a politician one  day, I should get some experience under my belt now. On that day, I gave an  election speech in front of 1500 people including my best friends and my  teachers. It so was fortunate that none of them noticed I was so nervous that my  voice couldn’t help trembling. I kept telling myself that I must hold on, and at  last I won it by a hair, just 10 votes. My girlfriend Alexandre rushed onto the  stage and gave me a quick kiss. That really made my day! (117)


  I am a frequent user of computer. If I intend to get access to a variety of  information around the world, I will usually surf the Internet with my computer,  browsing and downloading everything interesting or useful to me. When I want to  write and edit some articles, I use the word processor on the computer, which  has a lot of functions that make my work much easier. If I need to make some  statistic analysis, I also use the computer software like SPSS, which can  relieve me of much manual calculation. In fact, my computer has become my  indispensable part of my life and study, I really need it! (110)

  4.最想去的地方/ 国家: (最想去新加坡)

  If I’ve got a chance to go to any country in the world, I will choose  Singapore without hesitation. It has been attracting me ever since my best  friend Robby went to the Singapore National University three years ago.

  From his E-mail, I knew that the weather in Singapore will never be too  cold. That means I could free myself from thick and heavy clothes and enjoy  lovely sunshine

  every day. (I can tell the life there must be snug and comfortable.)

  Besides, surrounded by the Indonesian Ocean, Singapore is famous for its  abundant and delicious seafood, especially lobster and sleeve-fish, which is my  favorite. Still, the tropical sceneries there are also fascinating. I bet they  will be much more beautiful than those in Robby’s pictures. (127)


  Though I admire my friend Robby who has a fancy car very much, bicycle is  still my favorite one.

  First of all, riding bicycle is a physical exercise which does good to my  fitness. Every day it takes me about 20 minutes on my bike from my apartment to  the university and by that I am in good shape and seldom catch a cold.

  Moreover, bicycle is quite friendly to our environment. It’ll create little  harmful carbon dioxide to the air as trains and cars do.

  What’s more, it is wise to use a bicycle in rush hour when cars are  desperately waiting in heavy traffic jams. And it is interesting to hear Robby  saying that he also admires me of owning a bike! (124)

  6.你认为作为一个朋友最重要的特点是什么? (聪明的朋友最好)

  Well, I think a friend with intelligence is most desirable, because he can  help me handle tough situations. I used to have difficulty in remembering  chemical terms.

  Fortunately, my smartest Robby lent a hand and gave me a crash course a  week before the final exam and with that I got an A minus!

  Also, I could benefit a lot from learning from him, such as the way he  arranges his notes and how to use software to make statistic analysis.

  Still, he sets a good example for me to follow. Currently I am working much  harder than before, wishing to be as competitive and capable as he is. (111)